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Class Subject Per Installment No. Of Installments Admission Fee Fee
I-IV - 8456 3 15000 (For New Admission Only) 40368/-
V-VIII - 8798 3 15000 (For New Admission Only) 41394/-


  • All fees may be paid in advance for a year or a term. If not paid in advance, fees may be paid as follows:
    • Fees is to be paid in three instalments in the months of April, August and December. It must be deposited within the period indicated on the fee-receipt. Defaulters are liable to pay a fine thereafter.
    • Fees to be paid at the VIJAYA BANK branchJayendraGanj.
  • No reduction of fees is made on account of holidays or temporary absence.
  • A payment of Rs. 50/- is to be made for issue of duplicate fee booklet.
  • In case two or more students come from the same family, full fees will be charged for each. Deserving cases will be considered for the reduction of fees and the sole criterion will be the economic condition of the parents concerned. All concessions will be withdrawn if the pupil does not satisfy the School authorities by regular attendance, good conduct and satisfactory progress in studies.
  • If the notice of withdrawal is not given in writing by the person responsible for the pupil, before the 15th of the month, the fee for the following month will be charged.
  • Fees will be subject to changes as and when the need arises