Home Facilities



Our classrooms are well ventilated with ample natural and artificial lighting. Well Designed furniture, chairs & white boards, smart boards and teaching aids are artistically displayed, facilitating the learning process.

Skill Faculty

Well qualified, committed and enthusiastic teachers are the back bone of a school along with other non- teaching staff. The school takes utmost care to recruit right persons into this divine professions and keep organizing seminars, workshops etc to help them handle the students in their care fruitfully.


The Library of the school is stocked with 3000 books of different genres.

Music & Dance

Music education at our school aims to introduce young children to the artistic, cultural and scientific foundation of music. Our school dance programme is an exciting introduction to dance which focuses on fun, creativity and imagination.

Computer Lab

The school has well equipped computer lab with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. One laboratory is in the junior Wing with 25 computers.

Physical Activity

We encourage the physical well-being of our students. We conduct Fitness Programs from the age of five to inculcate the awareness of health and proper growth. The students are inspired by the schedule which is continued in higher classes. The School has spacious Play grounds.

School Playground

The School has spacious Play grounds. We have our annual sports, inter-house fixtures, cricket and football training on the field. During the two short breaks on any working day in the school, all exits from the main building lead to one destination, the playground. Well what better way to expend their energy - constructively.